Monday, February 4, 2013

Medical Card Anda: Kelebihannya

Sign up for Prudential Medical Card today!

As low RM100 per month for adult
As low RM60 per month for kids
 What is Medical Card?

Medical Card is card which allowed you to get the best medical treatment in any private hospitals. You may save your own money for your medical treatment and why need medical card right?
If you save RM200 per month.  When you think it is gonna be RM500,000?  You need 208 years to achieve that!

With medical card, you save RM200 per month.  Plus we pay all your medical bills.  As I said, you do savings not paying here.

As you save RM200 per month with Prudential, you will have around RM150K at retirement later. Your money invested with Prudential with average 9% annual return rate.

Will my money reduce or gone if you I do claim? The answer is NO. Doesn’t matter how much do you claim, RM1k, RM50K, Rm500K. Your savings still secured and will be there.

If you do your own savings, this will be not happen. Example you already have RM30K. Treatment cost RM50K. You take out your RM30K and still need another RM20K.

What you can do is borrow money or taken out from EPF if you are eligible. This will create a problem.

Medical Card a good product?
YES! You have the medical protection, plus you will have money savings for future will never reduce if you need for medical payment. You never use your EPF or borrow money and now you are financially stable and happy.

Why it is too late upon retirement?
Premiums at older age is expensive at least RM500 above per month
You request for an insurance will be rejected if you are already diagnosed various disease Maybe you have millions ringgit upon retirement but if insurance cover your medical expenses, you can save your own money and use it wisely during retirement. * I have met many Malaysians at age 55 request to get an medical card and life insurance from me. If they are healthy, there will be no problem.But if they not, like diabetes, their request will be rejected. Medical expenses cost them around 30K per year.
I asked them, why you don’t have any medical coverage before? They answered me, “I have company unlimited medical coverage, any surgery and clinical is covered by company. All my diabetic treatment cost total RM70K is paid by my company” . As they retired, no more coverage but diabetic treatment still continue. Now they having the biggest problem of their life.

Do you know medical cost in private hospitals nowdays?

1. H1N1 – 3 days admitted – RM3400
2. Kidney dialysis – RM130 per session (13 times per month)
3. Artery bypass – RM90K
4. Dengue – 7 days admitted – RM4100

if you have medical card from Prudential all of above will be covered with limit RM1,500,000 lifetime

No.1 Insurance in Malaysia You get Protection + Savings + Investment Best coverage ( H1N1 included in Prudential Insurance) Low premiums

Why PRUDENTIAL Medical Card?
Comprehensive coverage for hospitalisation and surgery bills ( up to 1.5 Millions ringgit) Just show your Prudential Card, all the bills of hospitalization will be paid by Prudential. Plus you will get hopsital benefits when you are admitted, for example Prudential will pay you RM100 per day. 7 days RM700. This will ease your family expenses in the process of taking care of you in the hospital. No claim bonusYou been healthy for all the year and never use your Medical Card. Prudential will reward with cash bonus.Now, insurance not only taking care of the sicks but rewards the healthy!

Choice of plan within your budget As low as RM100 per months will be receive coverage to RM500,000. Now everyone can have a medical card.

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  1. Assalamu'alaikum En Amin. Nak tanya sikit tentang medical card pruBSN ni. Adakah medical card syarikat ni untuk group atau standalone? Apa kelebihan untuk tiap2 jenis. Tq


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